Thérèse Conaty

Executive Chef
01 2880824

Thérèse started her career in catering during the 1980s, while also teaching Home Economics full-time to the young women of Our Lady's School in Terenure. Back then, catering was a small element of Conatys business, which was largely a butcher's and delicatessen. With a changing Ireland and Thérèse's skills, catering soon became a much more central element of Conatys in Kilmacud and Thérèse switched to a full-time member of the team. She is now the head chef, and co-owner with her husband, Séamus.

Much to the delight of her family, Thérèse does extensive recipe testing and quality tests regularly. Thérèse has, over the years, removed gluten from most of the sauces used in our dishes, all of our soups and many of our cakes and desserts.

Executive Chef
Head Chef