This has been a strange and difficult year for all of us. There are a few things we can do to make your Christmas a little less stressful and give you more time with those you love. 

We have meals suitable for the freezer if you’re not certain how/when you can have family and friends over. Many of the side dishes can also be stored in the freezer if you’d like to have back-ups available for a bigger number. These are available in (generous) single portions so you can also use them at your convenience as well.

  • Soup (many varieties, all gluten-free), mashed potato, spring onion mash, dauphinoise potato, carrot and parsnip purée, red cabbage, ratatouille, baked swede – to be collected early December and frozen at home from fresh.
  • Prepared meals to cover dinner for the Christmas and New Year period. For example, beef lasagne, lamb stew, fish pie, chicken and broccoli bake, and a variety of vegetarian, meat and fish curries – please enquire for a full list. 

Advance ordering is essential as we have limited availability of some items:

  • Turkey (full crown, half-crown, a few slices) and baked ham (whole, half or a few slices)
  • Christmas pudding, traditional Christmas cake, mince pies, or something alternative, such as hazelnut meringue

Christmas Dinner

Turkey    €14/lb
Baked Ham    €12/lb
Turkey Gravy    €6
Stuffing    €6.50/lb

Vegetable  Soup    €3.15
Brown Bread    €3.50
Smoked Salmon
– 200g    €9.95
– side    €49.95
Chicken Liver Paté    €16/lb
Sausage Rolls (reg/mini)    €1.25/0.75

Coleslaw    €7.50/lb
Potato Salad    €7.50/lb
Beetroot Almond Salad    €9/lb
Mushroom Mayonnaise   €9/lb

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Christmas Baked Goods

Mince Pies (sgl/dozen)   €1.30/15.60
Mincemeat Tart   €15

Christmas Puddings
– small (350g)   €11
– medium (900g)   €22
– large (1.25kg)   €27.25

Wheat- and Gluten-free Puddings
– small   €14.95
– medium   €24.95

Brandy Butter   €5.50

Sherry Trifle   €30

Other Baked Goods

Chocolate Biscuit Cake   €60
Vanilla Chocolate Layer Cake (8″ Square)   €50
Gateau Diane   €30/€50
Meringue Roulade   €30
Hazelnut Meringue Gateau   €30
Pavlova Case   €15

Lemon Soufflé   €30
Bailey’s Cheesecake   €35
Chocolate Tart   €25/€35
Chocolate Roulade   €30

Sponge Cake (unfilled)   €11.50
Chocolate Brownies   €2.50
Scones (fruit/brown)   €1.20

Christmas and New Year Opening Hours

Mon, 20 December: 10am – 6pm
Tue, 21 December: 10am – 6pm
Wed, 22 December: 10am – 6pm
Thu, 23 December: 10am-6pm

Christmas Eve, Fri, 24 December: 9am – 2pm

Christmas Day, Sat 25 December: Closed
St Stephen’s Day, Sun, 26 December: Closed
Mon, 27 December: Closed

Tue, 28 December: 10am-3pm
Wed, 29 December: 10am-3pm
Thu, 30 December: 10am-3pm
New Year’s Eve, Fri, 31 December: 10am-3pm

1-10 January: Closed

Tue, 11 January: 10am – 6pm

Your custom during 2021 was much appreciated. We wish you and yours a healthy, safe and enjoyable festive period and the very best for 2022.